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Deposits Only: Non-Refundable

Congratulations you are just steps away from booking our services!  If you are ready to place your deposit simply select the amount you need to pay, click on “add to cart” and follow the prompts.  

For payments of $75.00 or larger than $100.00, simply select the option which is a multiple of the amount you want and then click “add to cart”.  Once the paypal window opens increase the quantity accordingly then proceed as normal.   

For example: if  you want to pay $200, select option 3 for $100 then click on “add to cart”.  When the paypal window opens up simply adjust the quantity to 2, click on “update” and now you are ready to place your $200.00 deposit.  If you do not want to open a paypal account or use an existing account simply select the option to pay that states “pay by debit or credit card”.


Once you have received your confirmation of payment, close the paypal window and click here to provide us with your event details.

We will call you upon receipt of both steps to confirm your order and remaining balance due at time of performance.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Required Deposit amounts:*

Mariachi band:  $250 per hour

Trio:                 $100 per hour

Soloist:             $50   per hour

Serenatas Directo

(408) 807-9446

*Balance due in cash on day of event.   Click here for going rates in San Jose, CA.

Deposit Amount