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1)  Pay a minimum deposit today and the remaining balance on the day of your scheduled event.

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2)  Send us your event details.  Click here for event form.

Upon receipt of both steps we will call you to confirm your balance and finalize your order.

Note:  Terms & Conditions apply to all orders.  Please take the time to read them prior to placing your deposit.   If we are already booked for the specified time and date that you requested, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation within 48 hours of you having placed your order and refunding your entire deposit. In the event this occurs, we will notify you immediately.

We serve the entire California bay area:  County of  Santa Clara, CA, Contra Costa, CA, Alameda,CA.  Cities of San Jose, CA, San Francisco, CA, Santa Clara, CA, Sunnyvale, CA, Fremont, CA, Milpitas, CA, Gilroy, CA, Redwood City,CA, etc. List of cities click here.




Booking us online is easy. Simply follow the two steps below.

Live Performances (Mariachi, Trio o Soloist)

Service rates outside of  San Jose may vary slightly.   Call us for more information.

Rates in San Jose, CA:

Mariachi:  $500.00 per hour

Trio:         $325.00 per hour

Soloist    (3 songs):  $100.00

Soloist    (5 songs):  $150.00

Soloist  (10 songs):  $200.00

(Discounts apply in some cases)

Click here to make deposit.